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Angela helped spur me on to do the things I need to do. She brought clarity to my process, provided actionable steps to keep moving forward, and motivated me to keep going. She helped me with the technical aspect, the content aspect, the general structure, and inspiration. Her energy and enthusiasm for my project helped me get out of my rut. I really appreciated the write-up, I've referred back to it several times. I love that the steps are baby steps. They are do-able and I can check them off. That helps me because I need to do some of these things in 15 or 30 minutes. I don't usually have big blocks of time. This gives me a feeling of accomplishment and motivates me. I really loved the promo video breakdown! You know I bought another person’s program a year and a half ago and have just done tiny bits and pieces. Now that I have Angela, I'm launching forward!

Stacy C
Stacy C