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FACT: Only 10% of students finish an online course they sign up for, even if it's something they really want or need to learn.

What's the last online course you took? Did you finish it?

There are four elements needed to create an effective online course:
1 - Clear results if you finish
2 - motivational elements to prompt engagement
3 - the "how" to connect the dots
4 - and accountability.

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Before working with Angela I was very unclear about how to structure my program in a way that was easily understood by my students.  I didn't know any platforms or options to delivering the program and wasn't sure which one would be suitable for me, budget and style. After connecting with Angela, her warm energy and willingness to explain the process in a simple and easy to understand format gave me confidence it was a good match.  Since working with Angela I know I can create passive income in my business through my online program which has made working my business exciting for me and my clients. I can now make more money and have a greater impact in the world.

Nick P
Nick P